Why Travel the World?

Why do people love to travel the world? why is it so significant? because it alters you physically and psychologically, and it exposes you to a new world. Every destination has something unique to teach. It is more about exploring yourself.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin.

Traveling is one of the ways to get the world’s most valuable lessons, which are things you never really learned in schools, colleges, and universities. It makes you desirous to learn and seek new things such as new places, people, foreign languages, foods, cultures and could teach a lot.

Traveling is the best way to…

No proper motivation is found ever of getting rid of being obese except that: to look smart, get fit in clothes, possess a personality where to attract the people and the compliments, too.

Photo by Natasha Spencer.

If you have a burning desire to lose weight, so no one can stop except you. Patience and determination are requirements after motivation. Then it could bring a satisfactory result. Today’s workout is the medicine to look smart tomorrow. “a good result needs good efforts with consistency”.

it’s better to consult the one who has been through obsession. Surely, will guide you in the best way. Analyze…

by kulik stepan.

You may consider a night owl as productive and creative, but the fact is that it is perilous to your health. Either few people do it for having no option and compelled to do it, like completing assignments and preparing for the paper in the very next day or few people are bound with the social distractions; nevertheless, it is hazardous to health.

Night owls(late sleepers) are more at the risk of around 10% more likely to die prematurely when compared with individuals who are recognized as morning people. …

Ehsanullah mashwani

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